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Ekphrasis is the rhetorical figure that corresponds to the description of an artistic object.

In the history of artistic literature, ekphrasis has acquired the value of a documentary source not only with respect to the works described, but also towards the witty spirit of observation of its authors who, responding to the artistic stimulus, expressed their reflection on reality with poetry Contemporary. The perfect name, therefore, for a blog whose objective is to consider art not only for its aesthetic satisfaction, but as an eloquent starting point for understanding reality.

The proposed themes converge on the representation of the variety of the cultural context of Veneto territory understood as a centuries-old crossroads and meeting point of significant ideas and personalities. This choice of field is aimed at filling what the editorial team feels is a gap in reflection and representation with respect to the cultural dynamics of this very rich territory.

Conceived in 2021 by Itaca Investimenti d’Arte to promote and develop widespread awareness of the local artistic context through free and free information, today Ekphrasis is configured as struttura e meeting place for passionate young students who wish to experiment with journalism and artistic criticism, making the valorization of artistic heritage a personal cause.

The editorial team

In Ekphrasis, personalities with different backgrounds and interests converge, united by the desire to experiment with journalism and artistic criticism with the aim of filling the gap in the representation of local cultural heritage.

Miriam Schirato »

Responsible director

Raised in the landscape of the Asolo hills and in contact with the world of Ithaca, she loves to eat well and learn about the stories of places and people.

Marco Battaglia »

Chief Editor

Treviso is the place of origin, Venice is the place of adoption.

Editorial secretary

Born in 1998, born and raised on bread, wine and cinema, after completing his classical studies he graduated in Economics and Management of Cultural Heritage and Activities at Ca’Foscari University.

Salomè Schirato »

Social media manager

He currently lives in Denmark where he is attending the Master’s Degree in Economics at SDU (University of Southern Denmark).

Irene Bertagnin »


Born and raised among olive groves and vineyards in the Vicenza area, in love with art, culture, good food, wine and everything that stimulates the sensitivity of the human soul.

Filippo Pasquinucci »


Passionate about design, art and travel, he was exposed to the world of collecting from an early age.

Graphic designer

Born in Rimini in ’98, she grew up hopping around Italy, rising from the depths of Puglia to her Romagna origins at the age of 14.

Eva Schirato »


Raised immersed in the nature of the Asolo hills and in close contact with art, she is passionate about food and ethnic culture, loves reading, traveling and playing sports.

Proofreader and translator

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