In Focus you can find insights about artworks or art theories that conquered the attention and passion of our writers: it is the most personal section of this blog, that embodies the spontaneity of the reflection coming from art.

Ultravioletto: Industry from Patronage to its artistic Contamination

Art and industry form a well known combination in the contemporary art world, but how can machines designed for serial production and the exclusion of human intervention work with artistic sensibility and personal emotions? Ultraviolet is a project that not only answers this question, but also makes it its main cornerstone by creating a new way of interaction and establishing the basis for an unprecedented form of patronage and collaboration between two usually opposing worlds.

Sante Cancian a passeggio per la città

The Cancian Metaphor

Thanks to the exceptional expansion of the Bailo Museum, Treviso will now have a pole of primary importance for temporary exhibitions. To celebrate this event we propose a reflection about the Trevisan artist Sante Cancian and his relation with the city.

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